5 Essential Points to Remember for a Smooth Car or Motorcycle Shipping from Australia to New Zealand

If you are relocating to the beautiful country of New Zealand from Australia, you have a lot of tasks to do. But one of the most important ones is to ship your car or motorcycle from Australia to New Zealand.

Here are some tips regarding how to prepare for your car’s or motorcycle’s relocation and what to expect when your vehicle arrives at a New Zealand’s port.

1. Spring Cleaning

Just like all the island nations, New Zealand is keen in protecting its unique flora and fauna from foreign species that could spoil its eco-systems.

Therefore, very strict bio-security rules have been set by the Ministry for Primary Industry (PMI) for anything to be imported in New Zealand.

Cars or motorcycles with their numerous nooks and crannies are ideal items for accumulating and transferring organic materials and so, come under strict scrutiny upon arrival and are examined thoroughly before being released.

In that case, your weekly cleaning may not be enough. Hence while arranging your car or motorcycle shipping to New Zealand, get a professional cleaning session done.

It’s therefore important to hire skilled Australian motorcycle importers like Dazmac Logistics, because they will arrange such a professional cleaning.

Upon arrival in New Zealand, your car or motorcycle will be taken to a specialised transitional facility, provided your freight forwarder has arranged a bio-security examination permit, and will be inspected by a member of the Ministry of Primary Industry.

If your vehicle fails in this checkup, it will be cleaned again and re-inspected for which you’ll have to pay before being released to use on New Zealand’s roads.

If your vehicle was transported in a crate, the crate too will have to be PMI-compliant and will go through the same process.

2. Preparing Your Car or Motorcycle for Shipping

You should see to it that the risk of damage to your car or motorcycle is minimised and so, you should remove or fold any protruding objects like roof racks, antennae and wing mirrors.

Sealing seams, convertible tops and holes should be secured or the entire vehicle should be covered with a fitting tarp to protect it from air and moisture.

Empty the fuel tank so that fuel not more than a quarter of its capacity remains inside so as to be able to ship.

Also, though it’s a short journey, make sure you charge the battery up to full and detach unessential items like alarm clock that can discharge it to avoid a flat battery upon arrival.

3. Inner Cargo

You can send some items keeping them inside the car; but remember that they will be cleared separately from the car at Customs and this may cause a delay in releasing your vehicle.

It’s needed legally to provide a list of everything you are transporting to your shipping company.

Though seemingly it’s time-consuming, it’s actually very useful, since certain items such as plants and seeds, flammable, corrosive or explosive items, perishable products, drugs, gas appliances etc. are prohibited.

4. Remember Insurance

If your vehicle gets damaged during the journey and you have to claim, you will need to produce supporting evidence.

So, it’s a good idea to take photographs of your vehicle from all angles, and its interior and exterior.

5. What Should You Expect Upon Your Car’s Arrival to New Zealand?

You don’t have to worry about whether your car will arrive in a safe condition because shipping it in such a condition is the responsibility of your shipping company and they’ll do it more perfectly than you would since it’s about their reputation.

Still, when you’ll receive your vehicle, check it thoroughly and note down any scratch or dent on both copies of Bill of Lading i.e. the driver’s and your own and ask the driver too to sign both.

Also, take photographs of the damage. They, together with those taken before the departure, will form indisputable evidence and will make your job easy of making an insurance claim.

For more information, visit https://www.dazmac.com.au/car-shipping-new-zealand/ and you’ll get all your doubts cleared and you can happily ship your car to New Zealand.