Airtel Prepaid Recharge: Choosing the Right Aggregator

Recharge resellers like Paytm, Phonepay or Mobikwik, also called aggregators facilitate easy and fast recharge. Choosing the right one is of utmost importance. We all come across different reseller sites while browsing the internet – whether it is for shopping or online payments or recharging prepaid connection. There are advertisements on the online and digital medium from most of them. Some get into aggressive marketing while some do it subtly. The point is amidst this all this frenzy and overdose of information how are probable and potential customers who intend to use the reseller site for Airtel prepaid recharge going to decide which is the best one for them?

Well some of the important criteria for selecting a trustworthy reseller for conducting online payment and recharge related activities are:-

  1. The first aspect is the security point. Since aggregatorshandle hundreds and thousands of financial transactions every day it is important that the chances and scope of fraudulent activities are zero. How does one get to know that your money is safe, you’re personal and bank related, card related details are safe-guarded in the best possible manner? Speak to friends and family; read blog posts and articles from experts on this subject matter; try out the services of selected resellers with small token amount and check for yourself the credibility factor.  Another feature of trustworthy sites would be to highlight the safety feature in their Terms & Policies or on the recharge page. There could be a symbol and an explanation on the security aspects.
  2. Choose the one that has simplified and convenient process of recharging your Airtel prepaid connection to get rid of the hassle of taking time out from busy schedules and chaotic work life.
  3. Choose the one that is fast – where Airtel prepaid recharge happens instantly and smoothly.
  4. Choose the one that offer services that are customer and user friendly. There should be enough and relevant instructions for carrying out the recharge task.
  5. Choose the one that detail out the different recharge plans explicitly.
  6. Choose the one that offer attractive coupons, discounts, vouchers or cash back offers and deals, though this aspect alone cannot be the determining factor for choosing an appropriate reseller.
  7. Most importantly check for the one who offer recharge option for your cellular operator in your circle or state. Resellers offering limited services cannot be a good choice.
  8. Choose the one that has a good and strong customer support center. Try calling up the customer care and speak to one of the executives to get an idea about the service standards. Though most of the resellers offer their services 24 hours and 7 days a week, cross check the same and read thoroughly about the promptness of the services online.
  9. Check whether the reseller site or App is updated with the latest recharge plans etc. from the operator. For example if you are an Airtel subscriber, check if they have the current and complete list of Airtel prepaid recharge plans updated or not.