Personal Accident Insurance Plan?

A great number of people in the country are in the working age and most of them are working without any personal accident insurance plan.  Every day, they have to travel from their houses to work and back. This exposed them to a lot of accidents.  Many are working in conditions that are unsafe and risky. Considering that majority of them are bread winners in their own right. What will happen to them, when they will meet an accident? What will happen to their families?

Because of this, many companies in the insurance industry are promoting personal accident insurance plan.  This are meant to provide support for anybody, who is involve in an accident.  It provides support for your loss of income and is designed to reimburse your medical expenses.

In Malaysia, there are many companies offering personal accident insurance plan and choosing the right company is an uphill task for anybody.  Here, I will mention some of the companies offering personal accident insurance plan in Malaysia.

  1. AIG
  2. Great Eastern Life Insurance
  3. MEF
  4. Malayan
  5. Allianz

These are just some of those insurance companies that offer that kind of insurance package.  There are many more insurance companies in Malaysia and you can check them in the internet.

Some features of a personal accident insurance plan are:

  • 24/7 Coverage. This plan covers you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whatever you are doing, anytime of the day, you are protected.
  • Multi-Accident Coverage. This kind of plan covers any kind of accidents. Vehicular accidents, natural disaster, drowning and any kind of accidents.
  • Senior Citizens Protection. This covers senior citizens until 85 years of age.  It doesn’t require them to submit medical certificate.
  • Full of benefits. As an additional feature, it offers many benefits.

In any working environment, safety should be the most important factor to consider.  It is the first consideration that an employer should think of. However, there are many working environment that do not follow good safety regulations, which will result to accidents at work.

These days, working people and those who drive every day, should have a personal accident insurance plan.  In Malaysia, there are a lot of packages to choose to. Go for the plan that suits your budget and gives you the best

Coverage, available in the market.

After you have decided on the kind of coverage you are going to take, the last thing to consider is the insurance company that you will engage.  Go for the company, who has the reputation and the record to show. Check for their endorsement in regulating bodies.

You can also check their assets, which will show their capability to pay you.  You have to be sure, that you are paying monthly for your insurance, but, when something happens, they are capable of paying your medical bills.  They are capable of giving you lump sum on your retirement.  You are using your hard earned money to pay them.  Make sure, you have chosen, the right one for you.